Achieve PMP® Exam Success

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By Margaret Chu, Diane Altwies, Janice Preston

Achieve PMP Exam SuccessA Great Study Guide For the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam

This book comes highly recommended because it was the book Cornelius Fichtner, PMP (the president of our company) used when preparing for his own PMP® exam. Full Disclosure: “Achieve PMP® Exam Success” is an affiliate product. If you click & choose to purchase the book, we will earn a commission.

The material contained within A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) heavily influences the PMP® exam. Unfortunately, many people studying for their exam find the PMBOK® Guide to be difficult to read. Many students have been intimidated by the sample exam questions because they weren't able to fully comprehend the material within the guide.

Fortunately, there are many study guides available to help with this. A good study guide doesn't just present the material, it puts an equal amount of focus on helping you to understand the material. “Achieve PMP® Exam Success” is one of the best study guides available when preparing for the PMP® exam.

The first chapter of the book focuses on information that is most important to those who are studying for the exam - what is the exam like. This chapter will review what to expect from the exam as well as the best strategies to use when studying and preparing for the exam. This is especially helpful for people who have not attended college courses in recent years. Those who may have forgotten how to study or how to take a multiple choice exam will find the proven study techniques that are discussed very helpful.

The remainder of the book is structured like the PMBOK® Guide. There are chapters on project management framework, project management processes as well as a chapter on each of the nine knowledge areas. The final chapter focuses on professional responsibility.

Each chapter in the book contains sample questions as well as case studies that replicate real life situations a PM is faced with. These exercises allow you to transfer the knowledge you have gained to practical examples and ensures a deeper level of understanding.

There is a post-assessment exam at the end of the book and the CD that is included contains more than 1,200 sample questions. If you want the best chance to pass your PMP® exam, this is the book that will help you!

Order “Achieve PMP® Exam Success”. (Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate)

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